"Wow, what a great and interesting venture. Congratulations! This is the type of idea that will change the future for the U.S. and the world! Plus, it's everything that we need to focus on as a country to improve our lives." Ashley Abbot, VA

"My family would love to help you and your organization because we firmly believe in what you are doing. We need to be fuel independent at all cost. Frankly, this is the first time that I've heard about making oil from coal, but being an engineer for 20 years in Military Electronics, it makes
perfect sense to me." Bob Boilard, NH

"That's pretty cool--
your timing os good." Paula Brancato, NY

"What a service you are doing for our country. It would be an honor to execute a major painting to be used in promoting your cause. Attached is the letter I mentioned from our beloved president (George W. Bush).
Thanks and God bless." Frank Hopper, FL

"John Kocol raises some interesting points.
I am personally appalled by the decisions made by our U.S. Congress in the area of energy policy, and if, we have any disruption of supplies of oil from countries hostile to our interests we will be in a nasty muddle. I agree with you that this is an important source of energy, but it seems to me that we all need to be updated on the current state of the art of processes to produce oil from coal, particularly in-situ. Now if the funds going to study global warming were used to research methods and technologies to produce oil this way, I believe we would be far better off in
the future." Arthur Lemay, CA

"Congratulations on your plans, your website and the name coal2oil. Shown as you have with the red 2 is stunning. It helps to emphasize the duality of coal and oil. Use
of "to" instead is correct but not dramatic." Richard A. McKay PhD, CA

"John M. Kocol has a plan that will get America moving again." Mark Williamson, MA